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Avery Graphics Vinyl
Avery Vinyl A4 - 4-year Films
Cost-effective intermediate high-gloss film for short term signage. Available with vinyl to the edge in 54 colors

Avery Vinyl A6 - 6-year Films

The industry benchmark in intermediate signage, with unparalleled cutting and weeding. Availabe with vinyl to the edge in 72 colors. Some colors available with Easy Apply Technology.

Avery Vinyl A9 Opaque - 9-year Films
Choose from 126 high performance industry standard colors including 25 matched to PANTONES's most specific colors. Some colors available with Easy Apply Technology.

Avery Vinyl A6 Translucent - 6-year Films
This intermediate translucent film is available in 18 colors for bright backlit signage.

Avery Vinyl A9 Translucent Pantone - 9-year Films

Simulations of PANTONE's most specified translucent colors for backlit signage.

Avery Vinyl A3 Reflective - 3-year Films

Easy-to-use intermediate films for short-term reflective signage that gets noticed. Available in 7 colors.

Avery Vinyl A7 Reflective - 7-year Films

High performance reflective films are the easiest you've ever used. Reflective materials lets you do more for your customers. And your business. Available in 18 colors.

Avery Vinyl Specialty Films

An extensive selection of unique specialty vinyls. They include Metallic, fluorescent and Shade-Shifter™ vinyls.

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Select by color